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There are no discussion topics on this book yet. About William Le Queux. William Le Queux. His father, also William of Chateauroux, Indre, was a French draper's assistant and his mother was English. He was educated in Europe and studied art under Ignazio Spiridon in Paris.

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He walked extensively in France and Germany and supported himself for a time writing for French newspapers. It was one of his sensational stories in 'The Petit Journal' that attracted the attention of the French novelist Emile Zola and it was supposedly he who encouraged Le Queux to become a full-time writer. In the late s he returned to London where he edited the magazines 'Gossip' and 'Piccadilly' before joining the staff of the newspaper 'The Globe' in as a parliamentary reporter. But he resigned in and decided to abandon journalism to concentrate on writing and travelling.

On his travels he found it necessary to become an expert revolver shot. His first book was 'Guilty Bonds' , which concentrated on political conspiracy in Russia to such a degree that it was subsequently banned in that country. A series of short stories 'Strange Tales of a Nihilist' followed in and from then on he was producing books on a regular basis until his death, and beyond, as a number of posthumous works were published.

His works mainly related to espionage activity and it was said that he was employed for a number of years as a member of the British Secret Service, where he was an expert on wireless transmission. He stated at one time that he began writing to help finance his work for British Intelligence for whom he was required to undertake much travelling and to make personal contact with royalty and other high-ranking people.

He recorded some of the latter meetings in his autobiography entitled 'Things I Know about Kings, Celebrities and Crooks' He was also a keen collector of medieval manuscripts and monastic seals. However, all his activities did not stop him turning out novel after novel and at the time of his death he had well over books to his credit. After several weeks' illness, he died at Knocke, Belgium, in the early hours of 13 October His body was returned to England and on 19 October he was cremated at Golders Green with the Reverend Francis Taylor of Bedford conducting the service, which was attended by Le Queux's brother and a few intimate friends.

Gerry Wolstenholme January Books by William Le Queux. Then, as now, these places were no shining beacons of human rights. Two Bahraini opposition activists, Radhi Mahdi Ibrahim and Dr Hashim al-Alawi, were reportedly tortured to death in the months before Princess Diana visited that small country.

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The Bahraini King's "terror campaign" against the Bahrain National Liberation Front saw around people swept up during the year. A file called "Internal political affairs in Bahrain", which could perhaps shed more light on this episode, is being withheld from the public. Sikh MPs have called it a "cover-up" and demanded an inquiry. It matters because, back then, India was carrying out a decade-long crack-down on Sikhs, starting with the "Golden Temple" massacre in Amritsar in One of the missing files is about India's National Security Guard, an elite commando force that raided the Sikh faith's holiest site in and , and may have received SAS training.

Britain's foreign policy on Afghanistan has changed beyond recognition in the last three decades.

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Today, the Taliban are our sworn enemy. The Ministry of Defence say that UK personnel died while serving in Afghanistan between and Back in the s, however, Margaret Thatcher visited an Afghan refugee camp in Pakistan and told the assembled crowd, many of them mujahideen, that "the hearts of the free world are with you", in their fight against the USSR and its "godless communist system which is trying to destroy your religion and your independence". Not surprising, then, that the Foreign Office is hiding a file from called "UK policy towards Afghanistan". The central American nation of Guatemala borders Belize, one of Britain's last colonies and somewhere that British soldiers were stationed throughout much of the s to prevent Guatemala annexing the country.

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Although the Guatemalan military was officially Britain's enemy in the region, VICE has previously revealed acts of collusion between the British army and Guatemala's military leadership. In particular, one disturbing episode where a British army agent called Pedro Barrera was handed over to Guatemalan authorities who then murdered him. Hong Kong wins the cover-up competition. Over Foreign Office files on Hong Kong from are being kept secret.

Foreign Office secrets spilled | Chatham House

This represents almost half of the records from that year. Back then, Hong Kong was still run by Britain, but the handover date with China was looming.

One is ominously called, "Future of the judiciary in Hong Kong". But British rule in Hong Kong had its own restrictions. The PUSD was the point of liaison between the Foreign Office and the British intelligence establishment, and these files document intelligence activities and their influence on foreign policy from to , providing new insights into key moments of twentieth-century history.

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Secret Files from World Wars to Cold War is perhaps the greatest and most exciting British archival innovation in decades This is a fascinating and a fantastic collection and ought to be the staple ingredient for all histories of the Second World War from now on.

This collection represents some of the most valuable files from the British official archive on intelligence, defence and foreign policy From students at many different levels working on their projects, to academic researchers with a specialist interest, there is an Aladdin's cave of secret history to be found here. Secret intelligence has long been regarded as the "missing dimension" of international relations. However, thanks to the Secret Files from World Wars to Cold War project, Britain's spies, security agents, codebreakers and deceptioneers are no longer missing in action.

Secrets of the Foreign Office Secrets of the Foreign Office
Secrets of the Foreign Office Secrets of the Foreign Office
Secrets of the Foreign Office Secrets of the Foreign Office
Secrets of the Foreign Office Secrets of the Foreign Office
Secrets of the Foreign Office Secrets of the Foreign Office
Secrets of the Foreign Office Secrets of the Foreign Office
Secrets of the Foreign Office Secrets of the Foreign Office
Secrets of the Foreign Office Secrets of the Foreign Office

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