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The Instructions also specify the packing methods to be used and the packaging permitted, together with the specifications for that packaging including the stringent testing regime which this packaging must successfully complete before it can be used. In addition, there are precise requirements for the marking and labeling of Dangerous Goods packages and in respect of the documentation which must be prepared whenever such packages are consigned by air.

There is a requirement that every package of dangerous goods should be inspected externally by the Aircraft Operator or their contracted agent before carriage to ensure it is in a fit state and appears to comply with all the relevant requirements. Packages are subject to loading restrictions including the segregation of those containing incompatible dangerous goods and securing so as to prevent movement in flight. The Aircraft Commander must be informed before departure what dangerous goods are on board and where they are located since, in the event of an emergency on board which may not necessarily involve dangerous goods , the aircraft commander is required, situation permitting, to inform the appropriate ATC Unit of dangerous goods on the aircraft to assist the emergency services in their response.

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Since Aircraft Operators are also aware of what dangerous goods have been loaded on their aircraft, in the event of an aircraft accident the Technical Instructions require that they must, as soon as possible, inform the State in which the accident occurred of what was on board and where it was located.

It is accepted that it is possible, that in some circumstances, this information may not be instantly available.

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Operators are also required to report to the relevant authority all accidents and incidents involving dangerous goods, and States in turn are required to have procedures in place to investigate such occurrences. The Technical Instructions contain training requirements which apply to everyone involved in consigning, handling and carrying dangerous goods, cargo and passenger baggage. These include the need for refresher training at two-year intervals and the keeping of training records.

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There are specific responsibilities for shippers and operators. All the insulation blankets and lower deck ceiling liner panels and some components of the cargo loading system also had to be replaced. It was established that in December , the helicopter had been sold by Bristow US, who were based in Louisiana, to a new German owner, Agrarflug Helilift.

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  5. The process of arranging the shipment which Cargolux eventually carried was found to have involved a number of different agencies and individuals dealing with various aspects of the sale, preparation and transport of the helicopter to Houston Airport for loading. A New Zealand-based routing agent was also appointed to oversee the export requirements and transportation of the helicopter to Germany and it subsequently sub-contracted this work to a US-based cargo logistics company to act on their behalf in the US and this sub-contractor then appointed a US-based shipping agent to prepare the Air Waybill and monitor progress.

    However, only one was present when the helicopter fuselage was shrink-wrapped and it had already been disassembled prior to his arrival. The Cargolux Sales Department booked-in the shipment of 9 loose crates and the helicopter fuselage on 23 January based on a quotation they had given five months earlier. It was then not released for export by US government agencies until 21 March A further inspection, again with shipping agent present and this time escorted by a GHA employee, was carried out later the same day.

    Dangerous Goods - SKYbrary Aviation Safety

    Review of CCTV footage showed that this second inspection took approximately 30 minutes. A considerable number of administrative irregularities and incorrect declarations were discovered in respect of the shipment of the helicopter as air freight and it appeared that there had been confusion between the seller and buyer of the helicopter as to who was responsible for disassembly of the helicopter and its preparation for carriage by air in accordance with applicable regulations.

    However, conditional exemption from the Dangerous Goods Regulations DGR was possible under Special Provision A70 which would have allowed the helicopter to be transported by air without being declared as dangerous goods providing batteries and other dangerous goods were removed and that the fuel tank and fuel system had been flushed and purged of all fuel and fuel vapours.

    The helicopter was presented to Cargolux for carriage under an A70 exemption which was invalid. The FAA were notified of the event and undertook its own investigation into the issues relating to undeclared and leaking dangerous goods.

    David Hough

    A number of aspects of the event were examined further and various positions established, including but not limited to the following:. Safety Action taken by Cargolux is known to have included a number of revisions to its operating procedures and a recommendation to its contracted Ground Handling Agent that steps should be taken to raise awareness among its staff of the possibility of dangerous goods in general cargo and to improve methods of detecting undeclared dangerous goods.

    The Final Report of the Investigation was initially published on 12 July and subsequently slightly amended and re-issued on 15 August Actions Page Discussion View form View source History B, Prestwick UK, From SKYbrary Wiki Summary On 30 March , a significant amount of fuel was found to be escaping from a Boeing F as soon as it arrived on stand after landing at Prestwick and the fire service attended to contain the spill and manage the associated risk of fire and explosion. The Investigation found that the fuel had come from a Bell helicopter that was part of the main deck cargo and that this had been certified as drained of fuel when it was not.

    Category : Accidents and Incidents. On 30 March , a significant amount of fuel was found to be escaping from a Boeing F as soon as it arrived on stand after landing at Prestwick and the fire service attended to contain the spill and manage the associated risk of fire and explosion.

    Prestwick (Danger in the Sky) Prestwick (Danger in the Sky)
    Prestwick (Danger in the Sky) Prestwick (Danger in the Sky)
    Prestwick (Danger in the Sky) Prestwick (Danger in the Sky)
    Prestwick (Danger in the Sky) Prestwick (Danger in the Sky)
    Prestwick (Danger in the Sky) Prestwick (Danger in the Sky)

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