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Dickinson considered the speaker in her poems to be
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  3. The Will of God.

In Wild Milk , an exciting collection of short fiction, author Sabrina Orah Mark creates intricate stories that intertwine poetry and fiction. Mark received an M.

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Mark noted that her writing process changed after becoming a mother. In many ways, what started off as prose poems just got bigger and bigger until one point I think I realized the poems had morphed into short stories.

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  • Though it is a book of fiction, Wild Milk is still influenced greatly by poetry. The collection pushes the boundaries of genre, blurring the lines between what makes a short story and what makes poetry. They behave more like waking dreams, where the images are strange and familiar at the same time and above all, alive.

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    Each story is an innovative journey through relationships, emotion, and human experience, but with a poetic twist. You have to approach it the same way you approach poetry, with sort of a malleable mind.

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    In addition to the collection, Mark has also recently started writing an essay column about fairy tales and motherhood for The Paris Review. Both Wild Milk and the new column have pushed her out of her comfort zone of poetry to explore writing in numerous genres.

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    Strangely enough, I felt safest behind my poetry, and the stories exposed me in one way, and now the essays are exposing me in other ways. The artistic journey to a healthy mind: how art therapy helped me cope.

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    Poetic Blends Poetic Blends
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