Nonlinear Optics

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1st Edition

Bader, I.

Harder, K. Mantel, R. Maiwald, N. Lindlein, M.

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D 66, Gonoskov, A. Aiello, S.

Nonlinear Optics

Heugel, and G. Jarutis, and D. Bokor and N. Leuchs, K. Mantel, A. Berger, H. Konermann, M. Sondermann, U. Peschel, N. Lindlein, and J. Yew and C. Schaefer, E. Collett, R. Smyth, D. Barrett, and B. Lindlein, R.


Maiwald, H. Peschel, and G. Ganeev, M. Suzuki, M.

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Baba, H. Kuroda, and I. Westphal and S. Zipfel, R. Williams, and W. Biss and T. Dyba and S. Ganeev, S.

Laser spectroscopy

Kamalov, M. Kodirov, M. Malikov, A. Ryasnyansky, R.

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Nonlinear Optics

B 41, 69—71 Franken, A. Hill, C. Peters, and G. Cohen-Tannoudji, J. Dupont-Roc, and G. Grynberg, Photons and Atoms Wiley, Sondermann, N. Lindlein, and G. Citing articles from OSA journals and other participating publishers are listed here. Alert me when this article is cited.

RP Photonics Encyclopedia - nonlinear optics, frequency conversion

Click here to see a list of articles that cite this paper. Number of generated frequency-tripled photons versus the solid angle subtended by the pump beam. The data are presented in double logarithmic scale symbols. The error bars are obtained from the Poisson statistics of the detected photons. Lines denote the results of fitting a linear function to the respective data. Gaeta, Editor-in-Chief.

The basic idea of this method, which we discovered in [5], can be understood as follows: In the simpliest case, single-frequency CW light from the pump laser is coupled into an optical resonator, which contains a nonlinear crystal that is designed for second harmonic generation SHG of the pump light; see the figure below and references [] for more details.

If the second-harmonic power builds up sufficiently high, efficient back conversion to the pump spectral region takes place.

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  • This back-conversion process can be understood as a doubly-resonant OPO, which is pumped by the SH light and fills cavity modes adjacent to the initial pump frequency. In favorable conditions, these several oscillating modes can be stabilized by mutual injection locking. Another way of qualitatively understanding the CQN comb formation process is by analogy to Kerr comb generation: A CQN process essentially mimics cubic nonlinearity, which can lead to comb generation by four-wave mixing.

    An advantage of the CQN method is that the effective cubic nonlinearity arising from cascaded quadratic nonlinearity is often several orders of magnitude stronger than the inherent cubic nonlinearities of typical materials suitable for Kerr comb generation. Furthermore, the sign and magnitude of self phase modulation caused by CQN can be adjusted, which makes it possible to compensate for both normal and anomalous dispersion.

    Our first proof-of-principle experiments on CQN frequency comb generation were carried out using bulk crystals in free-space optical resonators []. This approach simplifies resonant pumping of the CQN process and enables direct mid-infrared comb generation with very high output powers of several watts [6]. Our ongoing work in this field focuses on miniaturization and optimization of the CQN comb generator by using nonlinear optical waveguide resonators and whispering-gallery mode resonators [8]. Read more Towards optical-frequency-comb generation in CW-pumped titanium-indiffused lithium-niobate waveguide resonators.

    Vainio, J. Peltola, S. Persijn, F. Harren, and L. Express 16, Vainio, M. Siltanen, J. Peltola, and L. Halonen, "Grating-cavity continuous-wave optical parametric oscillators for high-resolution mid-infrared spectroscopy," Appl. Siltanen, M. Vainio, and L. Halonen, "Pump-tunable continuous-wave singly resonant optical parametric oscillator from 2.

    Express 18, Ulvila, M. Vainio, "Diode-laser-pumped continuous-wave optical parametric oscillator with a large mid-infrared tuning range," Opt. Ulvila, C. Phillips, L.

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