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Anat Bird takes the reins of area's largest bank

Pull requests are welcome, and I apologize for the sometimes messy source. SmartyParse, first and foremost, was built to support self-describing formats. Though it is to an extent possible to create these in declarative parsing libraries like Construct, it is very tedious, and requires a substantial amount of extra code.

Otherwise, Construct and SmartyParse are functionally similar though for the record, SmartyParse doesn't yet natively support bit-oriented formats, which Construct does. Smartyparse is currently in pre-release alpha status.

MUTERRA LIMITED - Company Credit Reports, Company Accounts, Director Search Reports

It is available on pip, but you must explicitly allow prerelease versions like this:. Smartyparse has no external dependencies at this time beyond the standard library , though building it from source will require pandoc and pypandoc:. Why the awkward dict for the blobs?

It would make a lot more sense if it were 'header' and 'body', wouldn't it?

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Smartyparse is under development as part of the Muse protocol implementation used in the Ethyr encrypted email-like messaging application. Post-tax profit. Net Assets. Total Assets. Total Liabilities. Other Current Assets. Tangible Assets.

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Intangible Assets. Total Fixed Assets.

Total Current Assets. Miscellaneous Current Assets. Total Current Liabilities.

Trade Creditors. Trade Debtors. Bank Overdrafts. Other Short Term Finances. Miscellaneous Current Liabilities. Other Long Term Finances. Total Long Term Liabilities. Wages and Salaries.

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Directors Emoluments. Shareholder Funds. Dividends Payable. Net Cashflow from Operations. Net Cashflow from Financing. Increase in Cash. Paid up equity.

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She has six children, ages 7 to Said Foreman, "I have no doubt she is going to be the person who makes this organization into a powerhouse. A number of bankers suggested that Foreman, a consummate business banker, may have been less than thrilled at running a branch retail bank system in addition to his unit bank. As a director, Foreman said he "will be available as needed to assist the bank's calling officers.

Some directors are extremely involved and some just come to meetings. I plan to be involved. Foreman has been a commercial banker throughout his career, and liked it. Both Sacramento Commercial Bank and Placer Sierra Bank were sold in separate cash deals to California Community Bancshares, a bank holding company that had been built by banking investments of Belvedere Capital Partners. California Community Bancshares is majority owned by Belvedere's investors, and the bank holding company will likely be sold or made into a public company in the next few years.

Bird has a reputation as a strong executive and a hard-driving manager.

We all work better if we are held accountable for our performance," Alford said.

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