Fools Names, Fools Faces

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To this day, I feel funny signing a group greeting card or seeing my picture or name posted publically.

You find places to learn, not to be entertained under the guise of learning. So here it comes The Father has to be so pleased with you. Rabbi Twerski, who is also a psychiatrist, related the story of another physician. The physician was a member of Alcoholics Anonymous. This is nearly impossible with a busy medical practice. The study of the Torah must come first, and everything else should fit within that framework. If this priority is observed, one will find more time for Torah study than if one squeezed Torah study into a busy schedule. To those who cling to the Word, it falls to us to become the best students we can be, not monkeys.

You, as the serious student of the Word, have set aside a time for study.

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If this is true of a physical addict, then how much more should a disciple of Yeshua acknowledge that without the testimony of Yeshua and the commandments of Adonai, he or she has no work or family? Those things that we place above the Word will fall into dysfunction eventually. If you were staying there on Sunday, you attended church with them.

Fools names, like fools faces, Are often seen in public places.

They did not orbit around changes in schedules and visitors, but the workday activities and visitors orbited around their fixed times of study and worship. Be encouraged, serious students of Yeshua.

Whatever will be, will be Sarah. (Except for when it's Eileen.)

Stick to it! Good job! You're sober! Know that your fixed time of study is bringing stability to your life. Unlike bathroom graffiti, you grow in knowledge and power in the Word.

Fools' Names, Fools' Faces

You are finding that you can speak healing through accurate, cheerful, and graceful applications of the Word into your family, friends, co-workers, or schoolmates. How wise is the counsel even of a Godly child who, like Timothy, was brought up in the Holy Scriptures by his mother and grandmother. Children are not fooled; they know if Bible study and prayer is the focus of your schedule or an addendum. Your self-imposed accountability to the Word and prayer is the foundation of your daily, weekly, and yearly schedule.

Without that, you have no schedule, only a repetitive sense of chaos. Life may be busy, but without a commitment first to study and pray, and only then to work, life will only become busier and less fulfilling. A name might appear in lots of public places, but in the final accounting, what will the name stand for? A light that shined, or monkeyshines?

Fool’s Names, Fool’s Faces by Andrew Ferguson

Multiplied blessings upon you and your continued studies to draw near the Father and His Word. Jump to. Sections of this page.

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Fools' Names, Fools' Faces by Andrew Ferguson

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Fools Names, Fools Faces Fools Names, Fools Faces
Fools Names, Fools Faces Fools Names, Fools Faces
Fools Names, Fools Faces Fools Names, Fools Faces
Fools Names, Fools Faces Fools Names, Fools Faces
Fools Names, Fools Faces Fools Names, Fools Faces
Fools Names, Fools Faces Fools Names, Fools Faces
Fools Names, Fools Faces Fools Names, Fools Faces

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