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The whirlyfayre is almost upon us! Just 18 days to go folks until we can gather in the Vale of Avalon and celebrate all the beauty of life, love and laughter!! He is also co-founder of the whirlyfayre! Prepared to be chilled!!! Alucidnation will be weaving beautiful, gentle, lucid trippiness of the highest order, at Whirl-Y-Fayre In he released his first solo album, The Scales of Tahuti, with the help of other members of the band.

The album is comprised of long instrumental songs, containing lots of spacey synths, influences from World Music and Fusion, difficult rhythms and guitar solos. We are beyond ecstatic!!!

Its the one and only whirlyfayre !!! Hey beauty-FULL people Have YOU got your tickets yet? At the end of each globaldisco a huge parachute descends as the backdrop for an amazing lightshow and ambient mus8c extravanganza And did we mention the enormous balloons?! The epic parachuteset at Whirl -Y-Fayre is legendary.

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Y'all ever look at something and just think "I wanna sit there". Yeah, I keep looking at tops of dressers, TV's, fences, and stuff similar.

I've been creating a series of Zodiac Gnome bookmarks as part of my design team work. So far I have. Y'all ever look at something and just think "I wanna. Here I am. Empowering myself daily.

All Your Kin Needs — Faerykin Kit Necklace Iridescent Wing Earrings

Fulfilling my dream reality. Collaborating freely. Gifting with. The End. Ever been in a real life faery forest? We came upon such a place this weekend..

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You know it when you. Their magical and slightly 'childcatcher'. Oh Whirl-Y-Tribe what a magical weekend we shared full of amazing extremes! I am not inappropriate or morally wrong or cruel or villainous.

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When I put on my glamour, I must hide my form and my nature lest I look too monstrous. All I could find was some mythology differences between Fairy and Faerie It looks to me like Fairies are pure, helpful, and kind whereas Faeries are mischievous, evil, and cruel. Hey if any faekin wanna talk to another fae, hit me up on kik lamina I want to know of we share any memories haha. Log in Sign up. The forest gave her life— The mist in her eyes The crunching of twigs The rustling of leaves. She knew that her path was hidden but safe. The mornings warm while the nights await.

Im looking for otherkin content Angel kin, Fae kin, Ghost kin, Fiction kin preferably alice in wonderland!! Homestuck too tbh,,. Looking For Blogs to Follow. Speaking with love and peace here, as much as I can.

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Any fellow Fae kin out there? Date Ideas for Fairykin. Actually, a hike anywhere is a great idea museums, particularly art museums bookstore or libraries to just sit with a pile of books and read for a few hours paint nights! A vegan or organic cafe or restaurant A poetry slam!

Do an ongoing prank war! Go to an Ulta or similar store and let them do your makeup Build a garden in your backyard If no backyard, try window boxes Make a fairy shrine in said garden Pottery classes are cool So are ballroom dancing classes Go to a park or the side of a road and pick up trash. Actually, do this anywhere Volunteer somewhere! Any others? Flower Jelly theprepperproject. Grounding To other faerykin or fae or otherkin- does anyone else have trouble grounding?

Looking for kin friends! Any ideas? Suppose a formal introduction is meant to be here, eh? I attract animals and small children to me.


I especially attract birds. Oh and I think I had short pink hair. Being a Faerie is so fucking fun hahaha. Me: I wanna cook some mystical looking food that's so delicate and cheery just like me! I'd burn the fucking house down! I hope they all remember me, I miss them. Ask thatkinfeelwhen a question that kin feel when otherkin faerykin answered anon.

I think I had more eyes than I do now. Otherkin faeriekin faekin faerykin fairykin fairiekin angelkin? Otherkin Something that has always interested me was kin types and what kin type I may be. Ask thatkinfeelwhen a question fairykin faerykin otherkin answered that kin feel when Anonymous asks.

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I don't remember my name or really appearance, but I know I wore pastel greens and pinks. I was a lesbian, and I had a huge crush on the seelie queen. I was neither apart of the seelie or unseelie courts, so I was a rogue who did their own thing. I'm under 16 in case anyone is uncomfortable, and I would a message if you remember. Ask kincalling a question faerykin otherkin call faekin fairykin dandykin.

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