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There is something magical about the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

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For me, autumn represents a period of change when nature girds its loins for the long and slow descent into winter. Just occasionally we're graced with an Indian summer.

Where to see spectacular autumn colours around the world: our readers’ tips

The extra boost of warmth on our faces this late sun provides give us that last opportunity to secure a dose of vitamin D, but it is with a sense of foreboding that we watch as the trees begin to cast long shadows. These shady places are of course in stark contrast to the "golden light" created from the sun's position as it steadily becomes pulled ever closer to the horizon, making this a great season for beautifully lit and atmospheric photography.

The season has, almost by default, become defined by its most powerful images: that of leaves changing colour. Whether it be the buttery yellows of birches, the vivid reds of sycamores or the burning gold of beech trees, autumn colour is an ephemeral spectacle that is not just confined to a few choice nature reserves, but a treat that can be seen just about anywhere.

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When certain environmental factors combine to make the annual event a year of exceptional quality, the sheer intensity of colours can combine to make the observer feel giddy or light-headed. In this digital age, many sightseers now often seem obsessed with attempting to capture this spectacle for time immemorial. For me it's an infinitely far more enjoyable experience when the image is burnt onto your retina rather than on a memory stick.

In fact this is simply a spectacle that demands you to stop, stare and admire.

Beautiful Autumn Forest - Beautifull Fall Leaf Colors

Seasonal mellowness aside, an autumnal storm is more than capable of creating an equally memorable experience. With gun-metal skies, the accompanying wind and rain can often combine forces to bring the colourful display to an abrupt end as the now-tinted leaves begin to be mercilessly ripped from their moorings. The views that open up as you explore the site are especially glorious in autumn as the leaves of native beech and oak form a backdrop for displays of more exotic trees and shrubs.

Dusky pink Powis Castle looks at its best on bright autumn days and the gardens around it are equally special at that time.

Fall Foliage Map

Look out for the voluminous clipped yews and elegant planted terraces that contrast beautifully with the bronzes, browns and golds of the woodland wilderness. Exbury Gardens in the New Forest National Park is a acre site comprising a unique collection of trees and shrubs. The autumn displays here are, without a doubt, some of the best around.

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Be sure to ride on the garden's dedicated miniature steam railway too, and take in your surroundings in style! Green Castle Woods include three separate semi-natural ancient woodlands alongside newer areas of meadow and native forest. Two of the woodlands are principally oak, the third is very variable with birch, ash, alder and willow, so the mix of autumnal colours is particularly good. One October, I travelled in the spectacular Transylvanian countryside of Brasov and the Carpathian mountains. At this time, when the leaves are turning and the crowds thinning, the Piatra Craiului mountain range is great to explore.

The trails are marked clearly and up high are views that you would expect to lure hordes of visitors. Not in this place.

1. Kilpisjärvi, Finland

Mitchell Fung. A cycling trip in Finland, north of the Arctic Circle, in September is incredibly colourful. Autumn is one of the eight seasons for the indigenous Sami people: time to round up their free-roaming reindeer. The midnight sky joins in too, illuminated with the greens and reds of the northern lights. East of Bracebridge, highway passes through bewitching dapples of red and golden light under beech, birch, maple and poplar. From up here, the canopy is an autumnal quilt reaching to the horizon, refreshing the eyes and invigorating the spirit.

Color Words For Autumn Foliage | Merriam-Webster

From an easy, well-marked pull-off on Route 73 in the Keene Valley three miles south of Saint Huberts and not far from Lake Placid , a half-mile trail leads through deciduous woodland to the shores of the stunning, if plainly named Round Pond. Kerrie Ann Kirkwood. The entire island becomes rolling mountains of shimmering reds, golds, and ochres in autumn. Joanne MacKinnon. Fall in this national park is spectacular.

Autumn colours galore – experience Lapland

Just outside quaint Townsend, Tennessee, it is a bikeable and driveable mile loop, but be sure to explore the cabins and fields on foot. Late October and early November is my favourite time to visit; the colours are great and the weather is cool enough to allow nice walks and hikes. Avoid popular Kyoto and head to Gunma Prefecture for spectacular autumn vistas.

Autumns Colours Autumns Colours
Autumns Colours Autumns Colours
Autumns Colours Autumns Colours
Autumns Colours Autumns Colours
Autumns Colours Autumns Colours

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